Resistance Baton

Blackwater Baton

Product Name : Blackwater Baton

Product Code : HA-HS16-H     Weight : 390g

                         HA-HS18-H     Weight : 430g

                         HA-HS21-H     Weight : 460g

                         HA-HS23-H     Weight : 525g

                         HA-HS26-H     Weight : 570g

Product Details

Paul Blackwater Baton

16" /18"/21" / 23" /26" are available for selection

Solid foam grip handle

Police and law enforcement grade public safety item

Easily extendable and retractable

Forged from very solid and durable stainless steel

Can withstand 2000 N tensile force

Can be used normally after 3000 times beat

16 inch     Collapsed Length: 16.5cm   Expanded Length: 40.5cm   Weight : 390g.

18 inch     Collapsed Length: 18.5cm   Expanded Length: 48.0cm   Weight : 430g.

21 inch     Collapsed Length: 21.0cm   Expanded Length: 54.0cm   Weight : 460g.

23 inch     Collapsed Length: 22.0cm   Expanded Length: 60.0cm   Weight : 525g.

26 inch     Collapsed Length: 25.0cm   Expanded Length: 67.0cm   Weight : 570g.

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